our detox philosophy

Did you know that food determines the quality of life?

Do you feel sluggish, tired or bloated? 

Then this diet is the perfect fit for you! 

Within the first week or 2 on our program, you will be introduced to a new vitality within you. You will start your day with a yellow fruit smoothie cleanse. Its sweet and delicious flavor will have you wondering how something so tasty is healthy and beneficial. Trust us, it’s benefits are oh so potent when consumed on an empty stomach. For optimal results nothing else should be eaten till noon. It’s chock full of fiber, antioxidants, bioflavonoids, vitamin A, C, and so much more! It can give your skin a beautiful glow and help aid acne and many other skin conditions. 

Your salads will consist of a variety of 7-8 vegetables including leafy greens and 2-3 types of sprouts. Leafy greens are the most essential to maintain thoroughly proper health and sprouts... ah! Vitamins such as A, B, C and E, and essential fatty acid nutrients increase in sprouting, and minerals bind to protein helping it get more easily absorbed in the body. It can fight disease including cancers. 

Our nutritional philosophy of eating 80% raw veggies and 20% cooked lean protein or legume for lunch and dinner will help cleanse your body of toxins, eliminate waist properly, reduce inflammation, yeast and body fat. You will feel lighter, heartier and healthier, aka the 5meals glow! 


Frequently asked questions for our detox program


Is this a weight loss program?

This program is designed as an anti inflammatory cleanse. You can expect to lose bloat and excess weight that has been sitting in your gut for some time.

Isn't the smoothie in the morning too sweet?

 When we eat fruit, our cells are fed simple sugars called fructose. This kind of sugar is naturally pre-digested, so there’s no need to break it down. It goes right into your cells, to be burned and turned into energy. There is no problem with eating fruits. The problem is with man-made, isolated, and cooked sugars. Once the sugar is cooked, it no longer has the same molecular structure, the life is gone. Unpasteurized honey is very good for the body, but pasteurized honey is not good because it’s been cooked. So, don’t worry about our fruit smoothie. Be careful not to mix fruits with some other foods, so they don’t go into your gut, start fermenting, and create acids. When cleansing, fruits must always be eaten alone. If you eat a meal and finish with fruit, the fruit goes right on top of the meal, and stays there fermenting while the stomach is digesting the rest of the food. Therefore we recommend you drink our smoothies in the morning on an empty stomach.  

What if I do not feel good on this program

  When you start on our detox program, you’re putting more life into your cells. As your cells are getting better, they’re going to start eliminating all the toxins you’ve been accumulating inside your body. This is called a detox. For the first 2 to 3 days, you might not feel well because your body is moving toxins out. Most of these toxins are going to be eliminated by your bowels and your kidneys. You need to make sure your bowels and kidneys are doing a good job of eliminating the toxins by drinking our morning detox and eating our salads. If ill feeling symptoms persist after 5 days give us a call so that we can further guide you.

Are your greens checked for worms?

Of course! We follow very strict Halacha guidance. We do not settle for second best.

What if I am vegetarian?

Contact us with your specific needs and we may customize a menu with plant based protein just for you!

What if I follow this lifestyle and still feel bloated?

 After eating the wrong food for years and years, you’ve accumulated a large amount of waste inside of your bowel. It’s called the mucoid plaque. This plaque is a layer of food inside of your bowel and it’s constantly fermenting. That’s why you have gas, feel bloated, don’t feel so good, feel exhausted, or have a hard time concentrating. When you eat fruits and vegetables, your body is going to start removing that layer of mucoid plaque. While it’s getting removed, you’re going to become more bloated at first, because your body is releasing all those toxins. You just need to keep it up. It only lasts for a very short period of time. If you make sure the bowels are working well and you’re eating the right food, your bowel is going to start deflating, you’re going to lose weight, you’re going to feel a lot better, and you’re not going to get the gas anymore. You just need to keep following our diet and understand that these initial symptoms are just part of the cleansing process.