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If you have special dietary concerns, want to lose weight, or simply want to adopt a more healthful diet, contact 5meals today. We provide Kosher diet meals to support your busy lifestyle in New York & New Jersey.

Healthy, Delicious Food

At 5Meals, we understand that you are what you eat. More specifically, we understand that a healthy diet is the gateway to having the energy, health, and confidence you need. Our team of nutrition consultants is ready to work with you to achieve your health goals. 

Whether you are interested in weight loss or are trying to purge unwanted refined sugars and fats, we can help you determine what meal choices will be the best for you. We have a variety of delicious meal choices available, including lean meat, chicken, fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, and healthy baked goods. 

If you have special dietary health concerns or eat only kosher, we have meal options that will fit your requirements. 

Quick, Convenient Meals

We at 5Meals understand that one of the biggest detractors of healthy eating is the time you have to spend shopping and preparing meals. Many of us fall prey to unhealthy eating habits because that is what’s convenient. 

On our 5Meals daily program, we take care of the cooking, meal prep, and delivery for you. Wake up each morning to your days’ worth of healthy, made-to-order meals delivered right to your door. Simply pull your food out of the refrigerator or pop it into the microwave when you’re ready to eat. Never worry about meal planning or preparation again! 

If you’re ready to have a convenient, healthy, and stress-free diet, call 5Meals today at (212) 785-8144 or fill out our sign up form

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We Deliver

5MEALS delivers savory and dietetic meals for a full day every day! 

 Ready to eat! No prep or cooking necessary! 

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Nutrition Consultants

Our team is ready to assist you. 

Call in at 212-785-8144

Or email us orders@5meals.com


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What is 5meals?

5Meals takes the headache out of dieting! We do the daily shopping, cooking, measuring and delivery to save you time and help you eat clean. Contact us with your weight loss goals and lifestyle and we can customize a plan to help you achieve your dreams! We can do lifestyles such as the Zone, Mediterranean, Cleansing and more. 

Can I modify the meals I receive?

Yes. We have created a Swap Menu with lots of choices for each of the 5 meals you receive daily. Changes must be made at least 3 days in advance to be effective.

As a subscriber, can I skip a week of meals?

Yes.  When subscribing you can personalize your subscriptions including skipping days or weekends to best fit your schedule. As a subscriber we allow you to pause your meals. All changes must be made 3 business days in advance or else we will not take responsibility. 

When do you deliver and how long will my meals stay fresh?

We deliver your meals throughout the night so when you wake up in the morning you have your days worth of meals waiting at your doorstep. Your meals are delivered in a cooler bag or box with ice packs and will stay fresh for around 12 hours in the cooler and an additional few days in the refrigerator. Once you receive your meals, we recommend you place them in a fridge to ensure optimal freshness.

What happens if I am allergic to some of the foods?

You can contact our team in order to work out a customized menu to accommodate your specific needs. However, please be aware if you have a severe allergy to the extent that in case of the slightest cross contamination it can be fatal, it’s best you do not sign up on our program. Our clients safety is our greatest concern 

If I cancel will I get a refund?

No. Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds. 

We operate in a facility that is approved and certified by;


5meals Clients have reported to feel the change in as little as 5 to 10 days!

With a few lifestyles to choose from you can either browse our site, call in our team or email us at info@5meals.com to help us determine what plan will benefit you most!

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